Man praised for saving the day after finding ‘flustered’ bride in the street

Everyone knows how difficult it can be to find a taxi when you need one most.

When you have plenty of time, there’s always several on hand, but in a cruel twist of fate, there’s never one to be had when you are in a rush.

Well, one woman faced a situation more desperate than most after three different cabs cancelled on her when she was trying to make her way to her own wedding.

And the flustered bride ended up running 45 minutes late for her big day, after realising London taxis aren’t as easy to catch as she had imagined.

Thankfully, she found another way to make the short ten-minute journey to the church.

But it was all down to the kindness of a stranger.

The remarkable story was shared on TikTok by Marksteen Adamson, the heroic driver who came to the bridal party’s rescue. What’s more, he captured the moment on camera.

He claims he was driving to meet some friends when he spotted the bride-to-be in the street.

Marksteen explained: “When I stopped at a pedestrian crossing and saw a bride looking confused and flustered. I started filming as I thought it would be a great shot seeing her cross the road in her full attire.”

But he ended up becoming more involved in her story than he imagined, when she approached him.

“She saw me and started walking towards me and gesturing,” he said

He discovered three taxis had cancelled on her, and she had no way of getting to her wedding.

Luckily, Marksteen had space in the back of his Land Rover, and he was more than happy to help her out.

In the video, the bride, who gives her name as Anastasia, can be seen trying to cross the road, before she spots Marksteen’s vehicle.

Waiting in traffic, he then pauses to chat and realises he can help out.

Without a minute to spare, the bride, her sister, Alexandra, and her friend, Paul Kuraksin, jump into the car, with the bride telling the driver: “I’m late for church.”

“Please hurry up,” she adds.

The pair then chatted happily on their way to the church, according to Marksteen’s caption.

His video ends with the beautiful bride arriving at the venue, where he is showered in thanks.

Marksteen wishes Anastasia “a fantastic wedding”, as he goes to make his exit.

“Thank you so much. God bless you,” she replies.

“After I dropped her off I heard the sound of the organ ring out and knew everything was going to be alright. It was a beautiful sunny day,” the video’s caption adds.

The heart-warming video has racked up over 100k likes since it was posted earlier today, with people rushing to praise the driver’s kindness.

One person said: “I bet this moment made her wedding even more memorable.”

“This is literally like a movie scene SO CUTE,” added another.

“Good on you. You will be repaid one day,” said a third.