Woman gets own back on ‘petty’ neighbour who keeps complaining about her garden

No matter how hard we try to take the high road and do the right thing, sometimes our fury gets the better of us and we do ‘petty’ things to get our own back on those who have upset us.

For one woman, it was her next-door neighbour who had been making her life miserable, shouting “verbal abuse” over the fence and constantly chain-smoking in the back garden making the space smell and triggering her asthma.

The anonymous person claims she’s put up with this behaviour for months and even endured complaints about the state of her own garden.

She says decided to take action to quieten her neighbour’s moaning, transforming the garden and clearing the weeds – only to be met with more shouting about being in her own garden.

So enough was enough and she explains how she decided to get her own back on the other woman.

she said: “So the mother of all Karens lives next door and unsurprisingly, she isn’t very neighbourly or considerate. She chain-smokes every day in her back garden approximately two metres away from my bedroom window and it wafts over, leaving me unable to enjoy my garden, unable to open my windows in summer and unable to dry laundry in the garden as it ends up smelling like an ashtray.

“I’ve politely let her know that I have asthma and it’s affecting my quality of life. I discussed that all I can do is kindly suggest that if she could ever smoke in her front garden instead if she sees my windows are open or that my washing is out, it would be greatly appreciated. There was no change to her behaviour and she didn’t take it well.

“Then there’s the glorious verbal abuse shouted over the fence at me.

“She regularly shouts over the fence that she’s unhappy about the state of our landlord’s garden but as it’s a rental property I can only do so much to fix it.

“Last summer the garden was covered like a jungle in out-of-control tall weeds and had a huge stack of rotten furniture from former tenants. I decided to do all the weeding which was a horrendous task that took many gruelling weekends of my own work. I had to tolerate her chain-smoking while doing this task and it makes me feel quite ill. I also called my local council to collect the rotten furniture (paid for out of my own pocket) and when I was on the phone to the council sending the itinerary of items to be collected, said neighbour started abruptly shouting at me to ‘shut up’ from her window.”

She responded to being told to ‘shut up’ by saying: “So you don’t want me to sort out the garden, then? Don’t worry, after this I won’t put down weedkiller or do the garden again”.

And a year on from that interaction she’s remained true to her word, letting the weeds get “out of control” so it looks like a jungle.

“It looks like the garden of a haunted house, and I know it’ll drive my neighbour mad. Especially because she knows it’s as a result of her own actions. When she looks out of her window, the view of my horrible garden will ruin her perfect one. I can hear her muttering about it from time to time.”

Hundreds of people replied to the post, with many finding it amusing, but others feeling bad for the woman and not understanding why she’d mess up her own home.

“It’s a shame that after all the hard work you did cleaning up your garden that you had to let it go bad because of her,” commented one.

Another posted: “Don’t see how making the environment you live in is petty revenge- it’s more like cutting off your nose to spite your face.”

A third added: “Don’t let that Karen walk all over you. People like them get away with too much and never learn.”