Mum fumes as friend leaves dog with her during holiday but pal never returns

Caring for your friends’ pets while they are away can be a big commitment.

But it is something most of us are happy to do.

While they are sometimes teething problems (R.I.P your new slippers), pet sitting is normally painless and you can hand back the lead once your friend returns from their holiday, with no trouble.

However, one woman ended up with more than she bargained for when her supposed pal never returned to pick up her pooch.

The thoughtful friend had offered to look after the dog for a couple of weeks but has now had the pet for six weeks and counting.

What’s more she has reached out to the dog’s owner, but her calls and messages keep going ignored.

The shocking tale came to light after the concerned woman took to Mumsnet “desperate” for advice.

Her post claimed: “My friend left her dog with me while she was away for a couple of weeks. She’s now been away for almost six weeks and I haven’t heard anything from her.

“I’ve sent her messages regarding a potential vet visit and nail clipping. She’s read the messages and hasn’t replied. I’ve called her but it just rings out.”

She added: “We’re not super close, more like neighbours than friends, however, she’s looked after my cat before and I thought this would be fine. I don’t know what to do.”

The unwitting dog owner then asked for advice, but nobody could agree what should be done.

One person wrote: “Send her a message saying if she doesn’t contact you about the dog in the next 24h you will be handing it to the pound as abandoned.”

But another disagreed, writing: “I’d give her more than a day but I would message and say if dog has not been collected by next weekend you will be contacting a rescue to take it.”

However, the woman said wouldn’t follow the advice to give the dog away.

Replying to comments, she said: “I’ve fallen in love with the dog and could never send him to a shelter. If it comes down to it I will keep him, however, I am just extremely confused.”