Now Google Photos has a shortcut to help you find your screenshots faster

An update for the Android Google Photos app (versions 5.97 and later) can help you go directly to a list of screenshots, according to Android Police. With the update, you’ll have faster access to screenshots by using a shortcut, accessible from the Photos icon on your phone’s homepage with a long press or available to split out as a direct shortcut placed on your screen.

Screenshots got in-app shortcut treatment as part of the makeover Google Photos received in March. Alongside a new layout experience for Android users that offers either a grid or a list view with sorted categories, a button could appear at the top of the app pointing to the screenshots in their own folder. That made it easy to find by itself, compared to going through the agony of scrolling through a large library of selfies and cat pics or digging through your folders.

In addition to the new shortcut, you can still manage your Android screenshots by going to your device folders and selecting the screenshot folder.

Screenshots have become a part of our photo libraries as much as photos taken on your own are. So cutting down the number of steps it takes to sort through different kinds of pictures is an easy win for Google.